The simple, affordable Live Chat Solution for your business.
The simple, affordable Live Chat Solution for your business
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Code Image Generator

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Free tool to quickly create beautiful code screenshots and image. Open using VSCode extension or paste your code snippet, customize background, syntax highlighting and save it as image

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Trusted by 200+ paid users

Pika is tool of choice for many agencies, startups, design and marketing teams for designing quality assets and mockups

Everything you'll need

Features to help you design branded images, quickly and easily

Add browser frames

Add macOS, Windows and other beautifully crafted frames to your screenshot for better presentation

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Apply beautiful backgrounds

Pika has beautiful set of gradient backgrounds and image backgrounds to perfectly suit your browser mockups
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Save your time with Presets

You can save your settings as custom presets, which you can later apply with just one click to save your time

Screenshot and Mockup templates

Quickly generate App Store images, tweets, code screenshots and images of different styles with templates

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Social media ready sizes

Export your image in sizes perfect for your tweets, Instagram posts/stories, App Store images or choose your own size

Background patterns

Patterns can make your images make it look like they're done in Photoshop or Figma
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Capture screenshot from URL

Create website mockups by capturing screenshot from website URL. You can capture full page and mobile view

Add shapes, text, watermark layers and more

Add text, shape layers and customizable watermark with your logo, link, Twitter handle more

Instant customization

Pika automatically applies your last customizations to save your time, gives you shortcuts to instanyly export images

How to create image from code snippets?

3 steps to present your code elegantly

Add your code snippet

You can edit/paste your code snippet in the editor in the canvas on the left

Once done, you can select the language of your code usingLanguage option on the right. Selecting the right language will also enable correct syntax highlighting for your code

Customize your image

Use the customization options to beautify your image as you like

You can change code font size, editor width, editor theme, canvas size, background color or image, add custom text or icon, add tilt-effect and more

Export your image

Use shortcut ⌘+C/ Ctrl+C to copy beautified image as PNG file to clipboard or ⌘+S/Ctrl+Sto save it to your system. You can also save image in JPEG format

Pro users can export images in size upto 4K resolution using the 2x in the output size


What is Pika?

Pika is web app to help you design beautiful screenshots and website mockups instantly and easily

Is Pika free to use?

Yes, Pika is absolutely free to use. There are certain features and mockup templates which are available with a paid subscription

What are Pika templates?

Pika templates lets you design mockups and images for specific use cases and sizes quickly and easily

Can I customize templates?

Yes, each template comes with set of customizations like background, shadow and more

Do I need to create an account to use Pika?

No. You only need to create an account if you want to unlock paid features

Does Pika save my images on server?

No, your image is never sent to or stored on any server. All the processing happens locally and in your browser

How does Pika make generating screenshots fast?

Pika saves all your customizations in your browser and automatically uses them when you design a new screenshot

What is Pika Pro?

Pika Pro is a paid subscription to unlock some features(indicated by ⚡️) like tilting, watermark, background images and more. learn more

Because who has time for mediocre design when you can create stunning images & mockups with Pika superfast!

Mockups and Images created using Pika