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Add a full-fledged integrated image, mockup and screenshot editor in your app in seconds

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What is Pika Embed?

Pika Embed lets you integrate Pika's screenshot editor in your app without any hassle

With Pika Embed, you can let your users create and edit screenshots quickly right inside your app

How does it work?

We create an instance of Pika for your app, and you can use that as aniframe tag on your site

Your app as a parent can communicate with the Pika instance using event listeners, so whenever user exports an image, your app will be able to access the base64 file of the output image directly

Why use Pika Embed?

Powerful screenshot and image editor in your app
Integration as simple as adding an iframe tag
Control over input image and theme
Ready to use editing tools and features
Focus on your app, not on building an image editor
Save your team months of development time and resources
No need to worry about updates and maintenance
No server setup needed
No worries about security and performance

Who uses Pika Embed?

Pika Embed is being used by startups to provide a seamless experience to their users for creating and editing screenshots

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Don't waste your resources building an image editor, integrate Pika Embed in your app to give your users a full-fledged screenshot editor experience that just works!

You get a dedicated instance of Pika for your app, and you can customize it as per your needs

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$700 / month
Includes installation support