Put your craft in front of thousands of amazing designers, developers, creators and founders

25K to 35K
pageviews every month
4-7 minutes
High average session duration

Meet your audience

Your adv. will be seen by designers, developers, Notion experts, bloggers, marketers, founders and thousands of tech enthusiasts

High average session duration

Average user spends 4 to 7 minutes on Pika, your adv. will get a lot of time to be read and explored

Organic Traffic sources

Pika's top source of traffic is direct visit, followed by organic traffic from Google and social shares on Twitter, blogs etc.

$300 per adv.

Non-negotiable pricing, you can pay using your credit/debit card through Stripe or Paypal


Adv. consists of a one-liner(max 85 characters), a 60 x 60 pixels icon, a custom anchor text linking to your page


The adv. will be shown to all non Pika Pro users and on all the tool pages on Pika(these pages get the most visitors)

A lovely spot to show-off your product to thousands of users, isn't it?

Slots Available

01 October to
31 October, 2022
01 November to
30 November, 2022
01 December to
31 December, 2022