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Quickly capture Chrome tab as screenshot and design it in Pika with 1-click

Pika for Chrome

Using Pika Chrome extension

  • After you install the extension from Chrome Web Store, you'll see Pika icon in Chrome toolbar
  • All you need to do is click on that Pika icon, the extension will capture the screenshot of current tab and open it in Pika
  • You can then customize your screenshot however you like in Pika and copy or save the output on your system

Note: Pika temporarily stores your image on AWS to load it in the canvas, all images are automatically deleted within couple days

Pika Extensions & Tools

Pika has extensions and tools that can make your workflow even faster

Chrome Extension

Chrome Extension

Capture tab screenshots and design in Pika

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VSCode Extension

VSCode Extension

Quickly create code images from your VSCode editor

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Raycast Extension

Raycast Extension

Quickly open images from your system in Pika through Raycast

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Because who has time for mediocre design when you can create stunning images & mockups with Pika superfast!

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