Pika Pro Pricing

  • Pika is absolutely free to use without any registration
  • Certain features indicated by ⚡️ are Pro features which require you to create an account and are available with paid monthly subscription
  • Pika Pro is $9 a month, or $99 a year(1 month free)
  • All the Pro features are listed in the right section →
  • When you subscribe to Pika Pro, you also support the free plan to keep running ❤️
Here's what extra you can do with Pika Pro:

Add tilt effect and perspective

Crop your screenshot with built-in cropping tool

Use custom background images or gradient colors

Add custom text on the screenshot

Use beautifully crafted frames

Add custom watermark text or link

Save mulitple presets to apply settings quickly

Export screenshot with transparent background

Users who use Pika, ❤️ it!
Screenshots are everywhere. Let’s make them a bit more interesting! Pika is here to do just that.
Smashing Magazine
Absolutely love Pika - big time saver for us with beautiful results.
Chris Evans
Just tried out Pika. Simply love it! the ease of use and the aesthetic is 💖 Thank you for making it :)
Musthaq Ahamad
I just used Pika for https://dev.to/sachagreif/four-re..., nice little app!
Sacha Greif
What a great asset to making lovely screenshots!
This is awesome! It truly makes screenshots beautiful. I plan on using and sharing with my team and my student.
Tim Marshall
I'm a freelance web designer and work with a lot of agencies so pika.style will be super helpful for me!
Ashley Swanson
pika.style is my goto web app now a days to beautify my screenshots ✨
Lakshya Thakur
TIL it's super easy and free to create kickass screenshots online using pika.style
Stalin Kay