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Jan 09, 2023

New: Shapes

Pro users can now add rectangles, circles and square shapes in canvas using the "Shapes" button above the canvas

All shapes are customizable and you can control background, size, blur, opacity for each shape

Jan 08, 2023

New Template for Mobile app presentation

A new template to quickly present your mobile app screens in a classic way. Try it out →

Jan 05, 2023

Pika now saves your template customizations

All templates customizations are now saved locally. So when you load the template again, it'll automatically have all the customizations from last time

This is Pika Pro feature only to help save time and quickly apply customizations and get the same look in screenshots

Dec 23, 2022

Pika VSCode Extension is live!

Quickly make images from selected code in your VSCode editor using Pika's VSCode Extension
Get the extension here →

Nov 09, 2022

Pika Chrome Extension is here!

Quickly capture tab screenshots with just 1-click and design it in Pika. Get the extension here →

Nov 09, 2022

New way to add Text in canvas, Shortboard frame and Notion style image template

  • Use "Add text" button in options panel above canvas to add customizable text layers
  • Shortboard is a new frame inspired by Notion
  • New Notion style image template
  • New iPhone 14 frames and improvements to mobile templates

Oct 16, 2022

Export images in WebP

  • Pro users can now export images in WebP format too
  • WebP images are now majorly supported by browsers and are on average 40% to 60% smaller than PNG files
  • Use Cmd+I or Ctrl+I to export as WebP

Oct 15, 2022

Drag-n-drop images in templates, Command Centre

  • New Command Centre can be used to quickly access help articles, templates, settings and more
  • Now you can drag-n-drop image in all templates to add to canvas

Oct 14, 2022

Pricing update

  • Pika's Pro tier is now $12 a month, $120 a year(2 months of free usage)
  • This pricing applies only to new users, old users will continue to be on the pricing they signed up on

Oct 08, 2022

Patterns, new frames, advanced shadows and more

Because who has time for mediocre design when you can create stunning images & mockups with Pika superfast!

Mockups and Images created using Pika