Open Graph Image API

Auto generate Open Graph images(og:image) for profile and user pages blazingly fast with Pika API

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Open Graph Image API API


API Documentation


Try this template out in playground. You can customize the modifications and see the results


Make a request to see preview here

Available modifications

userNamestringName of the user
userTaglinestringUser's tagline or description
userPhotoUrlstringURL to user's photo
appLogoUrlstringURL to your app's logo
userHandlestringUser's username or handle
textColorstringHex or CSS color of text content
backgroundColorstringHex or CSS color of background
backgroundImageUrlstringLink to background image


Beautifully crafted templates

Pika API gives you access to well designed set of templates to generate images from

Zapier and other integrations

With Zapier integration, you can automate image generation and use it with 6000+ apps

On-demand Image Generation

Use Playground to customize and generate images from templates on-demand

Multiple response formats

Get back API generated image as binary, base64 or direct link to image

Emoji Support

All templates support emojis, so you can use emojis in template modifications

Superfast response

Optimized for speed, get the generated image in couple seconds

Developer Friendly

Well documented Rest API. Pika SDK to quickly integrate with your app

Blazing fast support

Drop your queries in the support chat and get a response within hours


Connect Pika with thousands of apps with Zapier Integration

  • Bulk generate images
  • Trigger image generation based on other apps
  • Full customization control, blazing fast response
Pika Zapier Integration