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Give your boring screenshots a great outfit using Pika. The side-effect? Increased engagement!
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John, Prithvi, Fajar, Andrey
and hundreds of amazing people use Pika everyday
Feature images
Feature images
Feature images is used by top designers, creators, founders and more...

Screenshots are everywhere. Let’s make them a bit more interesting! Pika is here to do just that.
Absolutely love Pika - big time saver for us with beautiful results.
Just tried out Pika. Simply love it! the ease of use and the aesthetic is 💖 Thank you for making it :)
I just used Pika for, nice little app!
What a great asset to making lovely screenshots!
This is awesome! It truly makes screenshots beautiful. I plan on using and sharing with my team and my student.
I'm a freelance web designer and work with a lot of agencies so will be super helpful for me!
Icon is my goto web app now a days to beautify my screenshots ✨
TIL it's super easy and free to create kickass screenshots online using

Noah, Marvin and many more are using Pika for generating screenshots for marketing

Beautify your marketing screenshots with Pika and see your reach and engagement go up on social media

Landing page, blog posts, newsletters.
Pika can design assets for you blazingly fast!

// team is using Pika for changelog assets
Use case
//Dmytro is using Pika for SaaS landing pages
Use case
//Sacha is beautifying screenshots for blog posts
Use case
//Darshan is creating assets for newsletter
Use case
//Lilan is creating Dribbble shots with Pika
Use case

List of Free features

IconExport social media optimized sizes
IconApply background gradients from presets
IconApply spacing around your screenshot
IconAdd rounded corners
IconAdd shadow for depth
IconApply custom position for screenshot
IconAdd noise on background for aesthetics
IconAdd browser frames to your screenshot
IconAutomatically saved settings so you can use them next time quickly

⚡️ List of Pro features

IconAdd tilt effect and perspective
IconCapture screenshot from URL
IconCrop your screenshot
IconNo watermarking on exports
IconUse custom background images or colors
IconUse beautfully crafted frames
IconAdd custom text on the screenshot
IconAdd custom watermark text or link
IconSave mulitple presets
IconExport images in custom size and resize canvas
IconExport with transparent background
PlannedExport optimized images
PlannedExport screenshots in Webp