Privacy Policy

Last updated: August 11, 2022

What we don't do

  • Sell your data to big companies
  • Use your data to promote other products to you
  • Store your images on any server

What we do

  • Use some of your data to improve Pika for you

What kind of data do we store

  • Your name, email and basic details to keep your account secure
  • Your preferences, so we can customize your profile as you want
  • Your subscription details

Things we don't control

We use some services to operate some features and improve overall experience. These services are not related to Pika and are separate entities.

When you use Pika, you indirectly accept the Policies of below services.

  • Supabase, used as database to store some of user data
  • Pirsch Analytics, to track app usage metrics
  • Stripe, used for enabling monthly subscriptions in the app

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