Pika – A free Canva alternative

Canva is a great tool and we're not here to tell you that Canva sucks!

But if you're looking for a free alternative to Canva which is 😌 easier, ⚑️ faster to use, then you should try Pika.style

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Built with usefulness in mind!

Most of the Pika's features come from the feedback. It's built by you!

Mockup templates for Web and Graphic designs

Free to use, signup only for more customizations

Very customizable and dynamic templates

No limites to number of exports or usage

Easy and quick to use features and options

Browser extension and tools for quick mockups

User friendly, intuitive UI designed for quick results

Instant email and chat support for all users

1000+ users are using Pika to create
screenshots for marketing,landing pages and more

With 200+ paid users using Pika, you can't go wrong with the choice of top design teams and creatives

Unparalleled design freedom

With Pika, the sky's the limit when it comes to creativity. Pika's robust set of tools and resources empowers you to create stunning graphics, mockups, social media posts, and more

Whether you're a professional designer or a beginner, you'll find everything you need to unleash your imagination

Customizable templates

Save time and effort with our ready-to-use collection of professionally designed templates. From marketing images, testimonial graphics to phone presentation images and device screenshots, we've got you covered

Easily customize each template to reflect your unique style and brand identity

Advanced editing capabilities

Fine-tune your designs with precision using our advanced editing features

From layers and transparency effects to text manipulation, Pika's intuitive and easy to use interface makes it a breeze to achieve pixel-perfect results

Mobile-friendly design

Design on the go with Pika's PWA app, available for both iOS and Android devices

Create and edit your designs anytime, anywhere. Whether you're commuting or relaxing at a coffee shop, your creativity knows no bounds with Pika

Exceptional support
Our dedicated support is here to assist you every step of the way. Have a question or need guidance? Reach out to us via live chat or email, and we will provide you with prompt and helpful solutions

Because who has time for mediocre design when you can create stunning images & mockups with Pika superfast!

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